About the Choir
In its 51 years of existence, the Arturo Beruti Choir is a vocational and independent group from San Juan, Argentina., made up of young people and adults united by their love of singing, which aims to study and disseminate the most select choral repertoire, which includes the interpretation of the symphonic-choral repertoire in special events and diverse celebrations.

Since its creation, it has offered innumerable concerts throughout the province of San Juan, as well as other cities in the country and abroad, performing works by the most outstanding Renaissance, Baroque, Romantic and contemporary composers.

It frequently offers cycles of commented concerts throughout the provincial scope: in Popular Libraries, in Museums and Historical Sites, participates in inaugurations of congresses and other provincial events and was one of the organizers of the choral activity cycle called "United in song" It meant providing a comprehensive program of concerts and improvement courses in the province.

In October 2016 it was one of the choirs selected to perform at the official opening of the Bicentennial Theater of San Juan, playing Carmina Burana by Carl Orff with the Fura del Baus.

Coro Arturo Beruti has always distinguished itself by promoting the presence of various choirs of the country to those who have offered their hospitality and for those who have organized presentations in the Juan Victoria Auditorium and in other rooms of the province in order to stimulate the choral musical activity in San Juan, to offer the provincial community the opportunity to listen to other prestigious choirs of our country and to favor the musical growth of the participating choirs from the mutual knowledge of the different styles and techniques of interpretation of the vast universal choral repertoire.

Main activities in San Juan and in the rest of the country:

At the commemoration of the 300th anniversary of the birth of J. S. Bach, he presented in the first audition for San Juan the Cantata BWV 4 "Christ lag in Todesbanden", together with the Youth Orchestra of the National University of San Juan.

In 1991, together with the Choir of the Catholic University of Cuyo and the Bach Academy of Buenos Aires conducted by Maestro Mario Videla, they offered a series of commented concerts on the work of J. S. Bach.

Coro Arturo Beruti participates in the San Juan Coral International Choir Festival since its creation in 1998.

In 1996 they performed, in world premiere, the Cantata "Eros Selene Eros" for soloist soprano, choir and orchestra, composed by Maestro Antonio M. Russo, dedicated to María Elina Mayorga. The premiere was directed by the composer himself.

As for its activity in the rest of the country, the concert tours to Mendoza, San Luis, Jujuy, Salta, Misiones, San Carlos de Bariloche (Prov. Of Río Negro), San Pedro (Prov. Of Buenos Aires) stand out. ), Trelew (Prov. Of Chubut), Paraná and Santa Fe (Province of Santa Fe) and City of Buenos Aires, in repeated opportunities.

A prominent place in its career are the performances performed in the Golden Hall of the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires in 1992 and 2003.

Activity abroad:

1995: VII International Encounter of Choirs in Encarnación (Paraguay)

1997: XI International Choir Festival in Cabo Frio (Brazil)

1999: concert tour through Italy and Spain performing in Milan, Venice (St. Mark's Basilica), Verona, Florence (Duomo Sta. Maria dei Fiori), Assisi, Rome, Vatican City (St. Peter's Basilica as Guest Main Choir during the celebration of the Holy Sunday Mass) and Barcelona.

2001: concert tour through Mexico offering concerts in Mexico City, Tepotzotlán, Xalapa (Veracruz) and Yecapixtla (Morelos)

2005: concert tour through the cities of Colonia and Montevideo (Uruguay)

2007: concert tour of Peru, which included concerts in Lima and the XI International Choir Festival held in the city of Cusco.

2010: 22nd Zimriya World Choir Assembly in Israel. The choir has been named honorary ambassador of the State of Israel.

2011: concert tour through Central Europe offering concerts in Budapest, Köszeg (Hungary) Vienna, Breitenbrunn, Eisenstadt and Salzburg where he sang the Great Mass in C minor KV 427 of WA Mozart in the Cathedral of that city under the conduction of Janos Czifra, ending the tour with two concerts in the city of Prague (Czech Republic)

2014: concert tour to Ecuador offering performances in Quito and Guayaquil.

2018: concert tour to the Popular Republic of China.

Following initiatives of its conductor, Coro Arturo Beruti is the organizer of ANSILTA, whose first edition was held in 2007; In November 2012 they were the organizers of MUSICA SACRA EN SAN JUAN, an international interreligious artistic meeting with the participation of artists representing the religious manifestations of Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. Concerts and conferences were held throughout the province and in the Manuel Belgrano Room of the Argentine Chancellery in Buenos Aires by special request of the Secretariat of Worship of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In celebration of its 40th anniversary, during 2013 they organized CANTO EN SOL, Choir Festival that had the participation of choirs of children, youth, adults and seniors. He closed the year performing the Criollo Mass by Ariel Ramirez with the prestigious Huancara indigenous instrument ensemble, under the auspices of the National Secretariat of Culture. CANTO EN SOL continues to this day transformed into an international choral event, aimed at children and youth choirs covering a gap for these specific formations.

In November 2015, it held FORO CORAL AMERICANO, with the presence of professionals from Canada to our southern end. The second edition was held in August 2017 with the presence of choirs, directors, researchers, publishers and representatives of the choral activity of thirteen countries of the Americas.

Coro Arturo Beruti is also the organizer of SAN JUAN CANTA, International Choir Competition and Festival whose August 2016 edition featured professionals and choirs from the USA, the Basque Country, Israel, Venezuela, Uruguay, Ecuador and Argentina. This festival and international choir contest is held every two years (in even years)
María Elina Mayorga
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Graduated from the National University of San Juan, Argentina, María Elina Mayorga has been a choir director since she was seventeen, an activity she began with the Coro Arturo Beruti. She performed a similar task between 1986 and 2015 with the Choir of the Catholic University of Cuyo. With both choirs she has offered numerous performances throughout the provincial, national and international levels: Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria and Israel. She is also an educator, lecturer and member of the Board of Directors of The Choral Festival Network.

She studied Choral Conducting with Antonio Russo, Néstor Zadoff, J. Frombonne, P. Caillard, Carlos López Puccio, María del Carmen Aguilar, Larry Wyatt, Claudio Morla, Néstor Andrenacci, Clara Cortázar, Frank Druschel and Werner Pfaff, among others.

Creator of choral events:

SAN JUAN CORAL (1998-2015) - International Choir Festival
ANSILTA, Contest and National Choir Festival 
CANTO EN SOL, a Festival for children and youth choirs.
FORO CORAL AMERICANO, with the presence of outstanding representatives of the international choral community, from Canada to the southern tip of Argentina.
SAN JUAN CANTA, International Choir Competition and Festival whose first edition was held in August 2016.

Awards and distinctions:

2001: the Center for Culture of San Juan declared her "Remarkable Personality 2001" - 2002: she received a distinction of UPCN (National Civil Union) in recognition of hers contribution to culture - 2003: distinction of the Government of the Province of San Juan through the Undersecretary of Culture, in recognition of his career. Similar distinctions received from the National Gendarmerie (2004), the Club de Leones (2005) and the Municipality of Coquimbo and Casa de Chile in San Juan (2006) - 2007: on International Women's Day, she was declared "Illustrious Woman" by the Municipality of the City of San Juan - 2010: she was declared "Outstanding Woman of the Bicentennial" by the Women's Directorate of the Ministry of Human Development and Social Promotion of the Government of San Juan - 2011: the Rotary Club San Juan awarded it the "Professional Excellence Award" - 2016: The Honorable Chamber of Deputies declared her an Illustrious Citizen of the province of San Juan.

María Elina Mayorga is the dedicatee of several compositions and arrangements by authors such as Antonio M. Russo, Vivian Tabbush, Daniel Blech and Alfonso Paz, among others.
Members of the Arturo Beruti Choir:
Director: Prof. María Elina Mayorga
Secretary: Marta I. Gerónimo

Alicia Bugallo
Carolina Cámpora
Sofia Gelvez
Ana Gómez
Elena Huamán
Luz Leanes
Graciela Moreno
Alejandra Márquez
Camila Palisa
Laura Ramírez
Anabel Román
Daniela Tapia
Marianela Velázquez

Tamara Cabello
Marta Gerónimo
Carina Kaliz
María Inés Landa
Elisa Navarro
Julie Pagano
Sandra Pontoriero
Ania Velázquez

Ignacio Alemani
Roberto Andino
Leandro Clavero
Marcos Cortez
Alberto Espinosa
Nicolás Hidalgo
Francisco Lahti
Nicolás Olivera
Fernando Tejada
Carlos Vidal

Ernesto Accolti
José Luis Carmona
Renzo Mensequez
Juan Carlos Muñoz
Leonardo Muñoz
Francisco Segovia
Eduardo Trifonoff
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Tel. & WhatsApp: +54 9 264 452 5301
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