Foro Coral Americano



COVID-19: we clarify that the Foro Coral Americano 2021 can be held if the general and sanitary conditions allow us to guarantee the health of all participants. Stay in touch.
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On the initiative of María Elina Mayorga, accompanied by Coro Arturo Beruti, this new space for American choral integration is presented from San Juan (Argentina) to the world.

It has been created to promote the encounter and personal knowledge among the members of the choral community, for the exchange of ideas and strengthening of choral projects in the region and in the Americas in general.

Foro Coral Americano is possible thanks to the generous support of the Government of San Juan. It constitutes a new challenge in a sustained path of cooperation and support for choral music that the provincial government has provided over the years and that has enabled the successful realization of international festivals and competitions that enjoy great recognition and prestige.

For its part, the Arturo Beruti Choir, with its long artistic career and experience in choral management, is the institutional platform that enables the entire necessary production process. The result of fruitful work between the government and the Arturo Beruti Choir positions San Juan as a choral and cultural destination of excellence.

We propose, among other goals:

  • to show San Juan to the American choral world as a great international choral pole, as a result of the cultural support reflected in the important international evolution and transcendence of the choral projects jointly developed by the Arturo Beruti Choir with the support of the Provincial government and its future potential;

  • to offer a space of knowledge and international rapprochement between Argentine and foreign choral institutions, with special emphasis on American countries;

  • to discuss and reflect on choral practice in our country and abroad, be it vocational and/or professional;

  • to strengthen artistic initiatives born and sustained in the interior of the country and provide support for its international projection;

  • to adopt Latin American and continental choral proposals to carry them out in a modern city with adequate infrastructure such as San Juan, considering the possibility of possible extensions in other provinces and neighboring countries.

We hope that during each event we can meet these goals, get to know each other better through the music that unites us and strengthen personal, professional and institutional knowledge.

The world expects an overcoming response from art and we have powerful tools in our hands to make a contribution to our society.

We hope that - additionally - you can enjoy the beautiful tourist routes that the province offers along with its multi-award-winning wines and outstanding cuisine and handicrafts.



The deliberations, lectures, reading sessions and other scheduled activities will be held in the Auditorium of the Teatro del Bicentenario

The concerts will be performed at Auditorio Juan Victoria


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The III Forum and II American Choral Symposium has ended. Many colleagues from the continent and participants are already sharing their impressions, and it is unanimous to congratulate everyone for each conference, special presentations focused on different countries, research papers, reading sessions and concerts in the valuable and numerous cultural spaces that distinguish the San Juan province.

No less important has been the fraternal environment that permeated the numerous attendance of directors, singers, students, professors, publishing houses and choral institutions. Important representations of American countries gathered in San Juan, from north to south and from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic. We have united our voices, our hearts and shared our identity through choral music.

Arturo Beruti Choir highlights and appreciates the generous and sustained support received from the Government of San Juan through the Ministry of Tourism and Culture. Without their support this Forum and Symposium would not have been possible.

Our gratitude certainly extends to the Catholic University of Cuyo, which will publish the presentations, to the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) represented by its Executive Director Dr. Tim Sharp and by the Director of the International Exchange Program Dr T.J. Harper.

We are proud and grateful for the generosity and professionalism of each participant. For them our special applause.

Equally important has been the permanent participation of Christian Barandica Ruiz (technical assistance) and, along with him, the singers of the Arturo Beruti Choir, organized in various commissions.

We also thank the authorities and staff of the Bicentennial Theater and the Juan Victoria Auditorium, privileged spaces that opened their doors to this transcendent continental production.
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