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"The impact of religions on American choral music"

June 14th - 16th, 2019

The deliberations, conferences, reading sessions and other scheduled activities of the Forum and American Choral Symposium were held at Auditorio del Teatro del Bicentenario. The concerts were performed at Auditorio Juan Victoria.

Performed activities:

Forum Conferences by distinguished invited professionals

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T. J. Harper (USA) - "Contemporary heritage: new directions in the choral music of US composers"
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Tim Sharp (USA) - "Sources of the first American anthems used in A High Lonesome (Bluegrass) Mass"
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Susana Igayara (Brazil): "Research in Choral Singing today: perspectives, methodologies and objectives"
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Marco Antonio Da Silva Ramos (Brazil) - "Stylistic variety in the choral music of Brazil"
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Diana Sáez (Puerto Rico / USA) - "The influence of the Protestant Church in the Latin American Choral movement"
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Santiago Ruiz (Argentina) - "From the ancestral to the own, from the past to the future"
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Camilo Matta (Argentina) - "Religious Music of Oral Tradition in the Argentine Northwest"
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Emilio Rocholl (Argentina) - "Missionary music chapels"
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Felipe Ramos Taky (Chile) - "Sacramental Auto for Christmas. Writing and singing of Chilenía"
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Alan Stevens (USA) - "The great colonial debate of North American ecclesiastical music"
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Emilio Rocholl (Argentina) - "Misiones: knowledge and culture - Park of Knowledge and postgraduate in Guaraní-Jesuit culture"

Symposium presentations

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Caio Arcolini Jacoe (Brazil) - "Music (Carlos Alberto Pinto Fonseca) and literature (Jorge Amado): ritual elements and interpretative hypotheses in the analysis of the choral work Jubiabá (1973)"
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Sofía Torres Valenzuela (Chile) - "Music as a reflection of Latin American religiosity"
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Denise Castilho de Oliveira Cocareli (Brazil) - "Oratório Cênico Op. 24, by Lindembergue Cardoso: Brazilian history and culture"
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Marcos Júlio Sergl (Brazil) - "Lithuanian sacred music in the second half of the 19th century: compositional techniques, performance and reception"
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Silvina Dora Tomastik (Argentina) - "Angels and music roles that sound: parallelism and organizational correlation between the Catalog of the Musical Archive of Chiquitos and the Frieze of the Trinidad Reduction"
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Maria Regina Tavares Lucatto (Brazil) - "Ave María de Marcos Leite in performance analysis: composition, arrangement and religiosity"
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Ana Paula dos Anjos Gabriel (Brazil) - "Christian religions and the dissemination of the choral work of J. S. Bach in São Paulo: the case of St. John's Passion BWV 245"
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Valéria Matos (Brazil) - "Implications of the pontifical guidelines in Brazilian sacred choral music: from Motu Proprio Tra le Sollecitudini (1903) to Summorum Pontificium (2007)"
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Eugenia Amantía, Carla Díaz and Verónica Talellis (Argentina) - "Music and religion in the Río de la Plata. Approaches to choral practices in the regular Orders and the Diocese of the Holy Trinity of the Port of Good Ayre at the beginning of the 17th century"
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Denise Castilho de Oliveira Cocareli, Jacqueline Domingos Venancio (Brazil) - "The influence of Brazilian culture on Christian-Protestant vocal music of the 1970s and 1980s: a study based on groups Novo Alvorecer and Vencedores por Cristo"
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Adriana Martha Alba (Argentina) - "The colonial Carol: sound evangelization of habit"
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Jean Kleeb (Germany - Brazil) - "Brazilian Mass - The dialogue between cultures"
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Claudia Helena Alvarenga (Brazil) - "Extended vocal techniques in choral singing: a syncretic experience with the singing of harmonics"
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Ángela M. Burgoa Owen (Argentina) - "The children's choral movement in Mendoza: a look from the beginning"
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Ana Lúcia Iara Gaborim Moreira, Denise França Benites, Loisilene da Silva Souza, Vanessa Araújo da Silva (BraZil) - "The impact of churches on the formation and performance of choral conductors: research in the Bachelor of Music course at UFMS"
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Claudia Helena Alvarenga, Tarso Bonilha Mazzotti (Brazil) - "Choral singing: amplification of epideictic rhetoric"

Repertory reading sessions by:

Felipe Ramos Taky (Chile) - Camilo Matta (Argentina) - Diana Sáez (Puerto Rico / USA) - Marco Antonio Da Silva Ramos (Brazil) - Adam Stevens (USA)

Round table

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Sharing experiences of international choral exchange (ICEP-ACDA)Santiago Serna (Argentina), Ana Laura Rey (Uruguay), T. J. Harper (USA)


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The Chuck Nation Band - "The prominent role of the fiddle in American folk music - What is Bluegrass Music"

Concerts at Auditorio Juan Victoria

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The Chuck Nation Band (Atlanta, USA)
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South American premiere: "Come away to the skies", a High Lonesome Mass. Coro Arturo Beruti (San Juan, Argentina), The Chuck Nation Band. Guest conductor: Tim Sharp (USA)
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"Night of the soul", by Ola Gjeilo - Cantoría de la Merced (Córdoba, Argentina). Cantoría de La Merced's String Quartet - Eduardo Gramaglia, piano - Santiago Ruiz, conductor.
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