The Golden Tour 2019 ended

The Arturo Beruti Choir has just completed a wonderful tour full of unforgettable concerts and unique experiences: our Golden Tour.
We started on November 8 with a choral exchange with the
Choral Studio of Buenos Aires, conducted by Carlos López Puccio. Enriching opportunity to attend their general rehearsal, learn from the truly great and their extraordinary conductor. Thanks to his generosity, the Beruti Choir was also able to sing for the ECBA and also sing together taking advantage of a work that both choirs have in our repertoires.

At night we continued with a concert at the Golden Hall of the Municipality of La Plata. Beautiful hall where we could display the interpretive excellence of the Beruti Choir

November 9: concert at the Golden Hall of the Teatro Colón: an unforgettable experience. Again, the Beruti Choir offered an excellent concert performing beautiful and inspired sacred and profane works of the XX and XXI before a full room and an audience that cheered our performance standing and with requests for encores.

November 10: The Beruti Choir was invited to the performance that the ECBA offered in the main hall of the Teatro Colón. Sublime concert!

Without a doubt, one of the artistic tours that will have a place of honor in the history of our Choir.

All our gratitude to Carlos Lopez Puccio, the Choral Studio of Buenos Aires, Carolina and
Augusto Techera of Artistic Production of the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires.

Foro Coral Americano 2019 has ended

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Many colleagues from the continent and participants are already sharing their impressions, and it is unanimous congratulations to all for each conference, special presentations focused on different countries, research papers, reading sessions and concerts in the valuable and numerous cultural spaces that distinguish the province of San Juan.

No less important has been the fraternal atmosphere that impregnated the numerous attendance of directors, singers, students, scholars, publishing houses and choral institutions. Important representations of American countries gathered in San Juan, from north to south and from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean; we have united our voices, our hearts and shared our identities through choral music.

Coro Arturi Beruti highlights and appreciates the generous and sustained support received from the Government of San Juan through the Ministry of Tourism and Culture. Without their support, this Forum and Symposium would not have been possible.

Our gratitude is certainly extended to the Catholic University of Cuyo, which will publish the papers, to the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) represented by its Executive Director Dr. Tim Sharp and by the Director of the International Exchange Program Dr T.J. Harper.

We are proud and grateful for the generosity and professionalism of each participant. For them our special applause.

Of equal importance has been the permanent participation of Christian Barandica Ruiz (technical assistance) and with him, the members of the Arturo Beruti Choir, organized in various commissions.

We also thank the authorities and staff of the Bicentennial Theater and the Juan Victoria Auditorium, privileged spaces that opened their doors to this transcendent continental production.

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Concert tour to China

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Coro Arturo Beruti held a vast concert tour through the People's Republic of China between July 13 and July 30, 2018.

It was undoubtedly a milestone in the artistic career of the choir for the magnitude of the tour from the point of view of the number of performances, the diverse scenarios, the extraordinary concert halls impressive for their acoustics and architecture, the contact with the local culture including millennial ethnic groups and exchange with choirs from around the world.

Coro Arturo Beruti was the only South American choir invited and, at the end of its tour, it received a cultural Ambassador recognition for the offered concerts and the repertoire, which included mainly original music and Argentine choral arrangements, as well as Latin American music.

The tour included participation in four international festivals:

  • 2018 China Inner Mongolia International Choral Week Belt and Road in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia
  • 14th China International Chorus Festival and IFCM World Choral Education Conference in Beijing
  • The International Choral Festival in Shenyang
  • The International Folk Song Choral Festival and IFCM Voices Conference in Kaili.

Participating choirs included groups from Canada, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, New Zealand, Russia, Spain. United Kingdom, USA, Thailand and the select World Youth Choir (Session 2018), among others.

Along with these outstanding international groups, local choirs such as the Mongolian Youth Choir and numerous choirs of children, young people, adults and adults from various regions of the People's Republic of China performed. Without a doubt, a multitudinous international event.

The Arturo Beruti Choir also had the privilege of being chosen for the opening ceremonies of two international festivals: in Hohhot Inner Mongola held at the Wulan Theater and in Beijing at the Wukesong Gymnasium before an audience of 18,000 spectators.

It is also important to mention the magnificent concert halls and cultural spaces where the choir had the opportunity to perform. Including China Musical Hall of Inner Mongolia; Concert Hall of National Library in concert shared with Moran Choir of Israel, Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center offering in concert shared with the World Youth Choir (Session 2018), Zeng Xianzi Auditorium of Eastern Campus, China Agricultural University in Beijing; Lang Lang Piano Square, Concert Hall of Shengjang Grand Theater; Concert Hall of Shenyang Conservatory of Music in Shenyang and Kaili Cultural Palace of Nationalities; Zhaoxing Dong Village, Liping; Luanli Tourist Service Center Theater, Congjiang of the Kaili region.

Some images of the tour:
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We returned happily for having spread our music in the East before so diverse and qualified audiences that appreciated with great interest our interpretations.
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