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After five memorable days, on November 26, 2012 ended successfully "Música Sacra en San Juan", an unprecedented event in our country, for the first time outside Europe. It took place following the Musica Sacra International's history since 1992 at Marktoberdorf, where it is organized under the direction of Dolf Rabus

Asociación Coro de Cámara Arturo Beruti has great pride to have organized, with the support of the Government of the Province of San Juan, a long-cherished event that brought together the artistic expressions of the five most widespread religions of the world through artists from Argentina, Japan, Indonesia, Germany, Nepal, the U.S., Russia and Israel.

Have been made:

• 19 concerts in the city of San Juan and neighboring places, covering an important audience of San Juan City, Chimbas, San Martín, Rawson, Pocito, Caucete and Albardón;
• educational concerts in public and private sshools, which were preceded by preliminary educational activities which reflected the goals of Musica Sacra en San Juan and had contact through videos with the participating artists;
• concerts at temples of various faiths, museums, theaters, parks, civic center and our always admired Auditorio Juan Victoria;
• informal performances in the pedestrian malls of San Juan;
• workshops by renowned Argentine professionals and invited foreign artists in the auditorium of the Museum of Fine Arts Franklin Rawson, with remarkable concurrence of scholars from various disciplines and from several provinces and Chile;
• 2 extension concerts in Buenos Aires, at Argentina's Foreign Ministry and the headquarters of AMIA;
• complementary but not least is the publication of a book in Spanish and English containing all programming, history of the groups and their respective conductors, as well as articles by experts on issues related to the various religions involved in this first edition.
• In addition, in each respective concert programs were handed, containing the original texts of the compositions and its translations. Or, in the case of dances and instrumental music, information on their origin and/or significance

It is estimated to have reached a total of 10,000 people directly in concerts and workshops -and 40,000 projecting the impact on direct family group- due to the large audience at every concert, as well as to the two closing performances at the Juan Victoria Auditorium.

The spiritual and artistic impact of this event is immeasurable.

We received with pride and happiness the praise of both the artists and the audience. In a very different conformation for its place of origin, educational background or age (among other features) they all agreed on the clear perception of the importance of the message and happiness of being partakers of this fraternal meeting of faiths behind a slogan: build a road to peace.

It was wonderful! Not only the organizers say. We invite the national and international community to visit this Website, our Facebook and our Youtube channel, where you will find all information about participating artists, comprehensive programming, a large collection of photos and -most especially- over 130 videos (to who will join those still being edited) that testify to the high level of this art event and deep spirituality that from San Juan we have offered to everyone.

We can only -once again- thank you all for your tremendous support and confidence in the project generated in San Juan.

María Elina Mayorga
Asociación Coro de Cámara Arturo Beruti





Inspired by a similar event is organized since 1992 in Marktoberdorf (Germany) under the initiative and organization of Modfestivals and the strong imprint of Dolf Rabus, we propose to make an international meeting in San Juan with similar characteristics mobilized by its objectives:

  • Bringing the music of the major religions of the world to San Juan, Argentina and Latin America by organizing concerts in which Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and Baha'is are and act together.
  • Provide an overview of the different cultures and expressions of God in the search for greater mutual understanding, offer conferences, educational concertsand a full program in two languages with articles by experts on religion and music and all the texts of the interpretations concerts offered in the original language (where possible), with translations into Spanish and English.
  • To promote greater understanding between people of different origins and thus make a contribution to peace in the world.
  • Provide an opportunity for members of various religious groups can contact directly with the community over this.
  • Support the development of peaceful coexistence in the world.





Press conference on 31 January in the Government House in San Juan. On that occasion was made the official announcement of the making of "Sacred Music in San Juan" from November 22 to 27, 2012.

The organizers of "Sacred Music in San Juan" very especially thank San Juan Channel 13 TV kind enough to allow the use of this video.



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