Season 2021:
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The 2021 Edition of San Juan Canta was virtual due to the limitations imposed by the pandemic. It consisted of three magnificent concerts that premiered on YouTube starting on June 18. For more information, please visit the San Juan Canta website.
Season 2020:
Season 2019:
April 13: special performance in adhesion to the Centenary of the Syrian Lebanese Club

May: commented concerts in cultural institutions

June 14th to 17th: III American Choral Forum and American Choral Music Symposium (organizer and host)

June 15th: South American premiere of Come Away to the Skies (A High, Lonesome Mass) by Tim Sharp and Wes Ramsay. The Chuck Nation Band (Atlanta), Coro Arturo Beruti and Tim Sharp (guest conductor)

August 31st: special performance in adhesion to the Bicentennial of the Parish of the Immaculate Conception

September and October: commented concerts in cultural spaces of the city and surroundings

November: Golden Tour to Buenos Aires:

November 8th: concert at the Golden Hall of the Municipality of La Plata

November 9th: concert at the Salón Dorado of the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires


December 10th: Closing concert of the artistic season 2019
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